Piura: The Sun route, a big adventure


Por: Cesar leigh Barreto

If we try to tell you about Piura, what ever we do, will not enough. This beautiful region has many attributes that you don´t understand until one day get out of the car or airplane and feel the warmth of both climate and its people.
Piura is currently the second most populous region of Peru, after Lima. The development of Piura is due to the natural wealth that blesses, because, besides the rich sea which bathes its shores and giving fishery resource, Piura has also mining, hydrocarbons, agriculture, livestock and a big attraction natural tourist .
This guide longs awaken your adventurous side and invite you to feel the floor adorned Northern Peru “algarrobo” trees and our smiles .
Maybe in Piura you can not find large buildings or ostentatious monuments, despite already being a place that has it all, here in Piura what you really find is your own self.
A lucky eight interesting provinces (cities) impregnated full adrenaline in their air, will guide your blood and once it makes contact with your body, ignite the desire to live everything that we show below.
On this occasion we present a very interesting route through some beaches that could be of interest to you if you dare to visit northern Peru. We wait for you